Christ Church 1870

Christ Church 1870

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Martin Adsit, William H. Chandler, Charles Strawn, Nirom M. Crane, George Huckett, Thomas J. Magee and Thomas Snell). On March 18, 1854, William H. Chandler appeared before Justice Thomas A. Johnson of the Supreme Court to prove execution of the Certificate of Incorporation and to have the Certificate recorded. Bishop Delancey issued his approval on April 3, 1854. Father James A. Robinson was called to be rector at a stipend of $500 per year, beginning April 1, 1854. At the organization of the Parish, there were twelve Communicants; the last survivor of the original communicants, Mrs. Caroline Morris, died on September 1, 1899.

The first Confirmation Class was confirmed on May 24, by Bishop Delancey. Father Robinson, organizer and first rector of this parish, resigned on September 2, 1858. He was born at Oxford, New York in 1827, and died on December 17, 1897, in Cortland at the age of 70 years, and was buried in Hope Cemetery, Hornellsville. The newly formed parish continued to meet in Washington Hall for approximately seven years, until the building of the present Christ Church.

In December, 1858, The Rev'd. Lloyd Windsor was called by the Vestry as Rector, again at a salary of $500. He began his ministry with Christ Church on January 1, 1859, at the age of 46 years. Father Windsor had an extensive ministry as missionary and priest, serving in Churches as far away as Indiana and Ohio, and returning to the Diocese of Western New York in 1856. He was also missionary to Whitney Point (now Canaseraga, where he organized Trinity Parish. After a failed attempt to purchase a lot owned by Mr. Cameron, on April 30, 1859, the Vestry purchased a lot owned by Judge Hawley, for the sum of one thousand dollars, two hundred dollars off as a donation. This lot was subsequently exchanged with Martin Adsit for the one on which Christ Church now stands, at the corner of Main and Center Streets. At a Vestry meeting held August 19, 1859, Morris Smith, L. B. Benton and Martin Adsit were named at the Building Committee to superintend the

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