Christ Church 1860

Christ Church 1860

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erection of a new sanctuary addition. The Vestry instructed this committee to obtain a plan, specifications and estimates from Henry A. Dudley, a New York City architect. Mr. Dudley was one of the most prominent Church architects of the day, and it is to him that the Church owes a debt of gratitude for the splendid example of early English Gothic architecture. The Builder was Washington Cleveland of Hornellsville, and the original dimensions were 40 x 90 feet; the top of the tower from the ground rose 60 feet.

The cornerstone was laid on May 2, 1860, and construction was completed in time for Christmas Day worship that year. The Sanctuary was consecrated on April 10, 1862. It cost $6,200 to build, and the lot was $1,000, making a total cost of $7,200. An entry in the Parish records notes: Cost of Church complete with two furnaces, carpets, cushions for chancel and pews, lamps, chancel furniture, font, etc., about $6,200. We have no bell or organ. The lot cost $800, making $7,000 total, all of which is paid except about $300. The ladies have yet to pay besides $70 on the cushions. There is no rectory. The Church lot is yet to be fenced in.

Mrs. Esther Adsit, wife of Martin Adsit, gave the Parish the baptismal font as a thank offering in 1860. This font, crafted of marble, is still in use one hundred and forty-six years later. The pipe organ was purchased in 1865. The bell for the tower was purchased in 1869, at a cost of nearly $1,000. At some point, the chapel was built; however, parish records are silent as to when this occurred. We do know that at the building of the parish house, opened on September 12, 1899, the chapel was reduced in size. The only references found in the parish records is an item under Disbursements: Debt on Chapel, $100, in the Treasurer's Report of the Ladies Aid Society, March 13, 1877.

On June 30, 1889, while addressing The Presbyterian congregation on the departure of their pastor, and a valued friend of the Rector, The Rev'd. Lloyd Windsor suffered apoplexy and died.

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